Windrush Flag Presented To Grenada 

PR – A team of four from the organisation Windrush Generations UK recently visited  Grenada to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the arrival of the HMT SS Empire Windrush  ship, which sailed from the Caribbean to the Port of Tilbury, London, on June 22, 1948. 

As part of their historic journey, the team presented a special Windrush flag to the Honourable  Joseph Andall, Minister for Foreign Affairs and Export Development. They also met briefly with  the Prime Minister, Hon. Dickon Mitchell. 

The flag symbolises a journey that shaped the lives of many Grenadians who lived and currently  reside in the U.K. and highlights their contributions and those of the wider Caribbean community  to the United Kingdom, particularly in the aftermath of World War II. The team aims to bring the  flag to several Caribbean nations to raise awareness of the journey, contributions, and struggles of  the Windrush generation. 

According to the organisation, the Windrush flag has been flown nationally since 2019 and  annually on Windrush Day, June 22, in major towns and cities in the U.K. In celebration of the  75th anniversary in June 2023, the flag was flown in more than 200 locations, along with several  events that were held across London, the Port of Tilbury, Essex, Birmingham, Leeds, Manchester,  Bradford, Bristol, Ipswich, Edinburgh, Cardiff, and many more throughout the country. 

High Commissioner Rachér Croney encourages persons who may have been affected and continue  to be impacted by the Windrush issue to reach out to the High Commission at the address that  follows. ‘The Mission remains committed to working with Grenadians in the U.K. to provide  information and guidance on applying to the Windrush Compensation Scheme.”