Wild Video Captures American, Brit Exchanging Blows On Ryanair Flight

(NEY YORK POST) – Two passengers were captured in a shocking video swinging at each other on a Ryanair flight after one allegedly refused to let the other get to his window seat.

The fisticuffs erupted on the July 3 flight from Malta to London Stansted, according to Newsflare.

​”The shorter guy on the left is American and had the window seat. The taller man on the right with a cap on is British and had the aisle seat,” passenger Neil ​Modwhadia, who recorded the fight, told the outlet.

“The British man wouldn’t let the American man pass through to get to his window seat and then some words and swears were exchanged before a scuffle broke,” he said.

Flight attendants and fellow passengers quickly intervened and separated the two combatants.

“We’ll never get home,” one person is heard saying during the fracas.

In a statement, Ryanair said: “Two passengers on this flight from Malta to Stansted (3 July) became disruptive ahead of take-off. Cabin crew diffused the situation before the aircraft departed safely for Stansted following a minor delay.”

Modwhadia said the flight was actually delayed by two hours, leaving everyone “annoyed.”

The incident is the latest to hit the ultra-low-cost Irish carrier.

Last month, a passenger was captured on video being hauled off a plane by UK police after he was shamed by the crew over the public address system for smoking in the lavatory.

In May, a disabled man slammed Ryanair for its “unacceptable” accommodations after he was forced to “bunny-hop” off a flight without assistance.

The airline also has booted chief pilot Aidan Murray, 58, after he was allegedly found to have been sending sexually explicit text messages to junior female staffers — including compliments on their “great body” and “amazing ass.”