Visits To The Tophill Senior Citizens Home And Princess Royal Hospital By The Governor General

PR – Governor General Her Excellency Dame Cecile La Grenade continued her special visit to Carriacou and Petite Martinique today.

She visited the Top Hill Senior Citizens’ Home, the only nursing home on the island of Carriacou. While there, Her Excellency interacted with residents and the acting matron and staff, noting some of their concerns. 

The Governor General views the visit to the home as very important, since it’s an opportunity to meet with the senior citizens, who have already paved the way for the nation’s development. It’s also showing appreciation to the staff for the work they are doing.

A visit was also made to the Princess Royal Hospital. Her Excellency got a tour of the facility and conversed with Hospital Administrator Marissa McLawrence and other staff members.

Dame Cecile, who once worked in the laboratory at the General Hospital, noted that it’s important to understand what is taking place within the healthcare sector, with the aim of helping to further improve it, and also to motivate staff to continue doing an excellent work and ensuring, as well, that they are taking care of themselves.