Vincymas Bigger And Better For 2023

PR – This year the St Vincent and The Grenadines Carnival commonly referred to as ‘Vincy Mas’will be hosting its annual Summer Carnival which runs for 12 days.

The festival which has been dubbed The Hottest Carnival in The Caribbean shall return to its full spectacle this year from June 30th to July 11th, 2023 . 

Marketing and Development Officer at the Carnival Development Corporation (CDC) Esworth ‘Ezzie’ Roberts said there has been an upsurge in persons interest for the festival as the festival has returned to a state of normalcy. 

“This year we are having the festival in its full splendor unlike in 2022 when we had mass as a showcase and not as a competition. This year we are having everything in full. Last year, while we had Carnival in its full sense, we still did not have participation from all of the carnival lovers because we had persons being cautious of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. We are expecting persons to come out in their large numbers,” he said.

Roberts who briefly visited Barbados after he attended Trinidad and Tobago Carnival where the members of the CDC were promoting Vincymas  as well as the launch of their new QR Code  said patrons of this year’s festival can enjoy all of the festivities the island has to offer. 

“We invite persons to  come to St Vincent and The Grenadines as Vincymas will have a lot of activities that may make you run out of steam and that is why we call it ‘The Hottest Carnival in The Caribbean as it is constant events back-to-back and Vincentians come out with a lot of energy.  Our artiste must also be recognized for their ability to write songs, our producers for producing great songs and we have  been blessed with a lot of outstanding artiste coming out of St. Vincent and The Grenadines. The music is a driving force for St. Vincent and The Grenadines, through good music we are able to attract attention to Vincymas,” he said. 

Vincymas which has been celebrated in St Vincent and The Grenadines from 1900’s with the current festival structure of the Carnival Development Corporation or CDC was implemented from 2002 when the management organization was changed from a committee to a statutory board. 

Some of the highlights of the festival include a show called Steel and Glitter and all white party called EVO, Mardi Gras which is a parade of the bands and our biggest event on the Carnival calendar is our Soca Monarch which is definitely a site to behold.

“In terms of inquiries for Vincymas, first of all I mentioned our carnival last year and persons were surprised that we had Carnival and that we had it at that magnitude. So, a lot of the footage via persons individual posts and also via our social media networks went out. Persons saw what was done in 2022 and they are expecting us to be bigger and better. We are expecting thousands of persons to come to St. Vincent and we are happy to be back at the stage before the pandemic. Inquiries are definitely coming in and we are seeing an uptake in our social media following and our website is also getting a lot of hits. In terms of the accommodation side of it , we have a number of hotels and guest houses in St. Vincent. We also have a lot of Airbnb that are registered we are pleased that our hotel numbers over the years have increased due to Airbnb and the construction of the new hotels,” he said.