Viking Explorers Praise Pure Grenada Experience 

PR – Sailors from all over the world  converged in Grenada to enjoy the island after crossing the Atlantic (from the Canary Islands)  in the 4th Viking Explorers Transatlantic Rally. In this family friendly race, six boats completed  the 3000-mile event and enjoyed a safe respite in Grenada, following all COVID-19 protocols.  

On arrival, each team was greeted by the Camper and Nicholson Port Louis Marina Manager  Charlotte Fairhead and the Nautical Development Team at the Grenada Tourism Authority  (GTA) with a basket of fine Grenadian products. They were then guided by the efficient  Ministry of Health team through the health screening process. 

After enjoying adventure, pristine beaches, stunning waterfalls, lively island tours and  connecting with locals, the Viking Explorers ended with a truly Caribbean sendoff of  camaraderie, flavorful local cuisine, steelpan music and tasty cocktails at Port Louis’ Victory  Bar. 

At the closing ceremony, Site Office was awarded the prize for biggest boat of the fleet and  Strummer for being the smallest boat. Robert Pedersen of SV Aurora was recognized as the  youngest captain and Robin Jan Vlug, from Billby, the oldest one. The prize for the newest  boat went to INUKSUK III while Clementine received the Spirit of the Viking Explorers award. 

GTA Nautical Development Administrative Assistant Chinel Sandy attended the closing  ceremony wishing the teams a safe journey home and encouraging them to share their warm  memories of Grenada with family and friends. Port Louis Manager Charlotte Fairhead praised  the sailors for their adventurous spirit and expressed confidence that the crew members  would visit Grenada again after their experience. 

Terry Pimentel of INUKSUK III loved his Pure Grenada experience saying, “Grenada has been  extremely welcoming to us. You have allowed us to arrive with the proper COVID 19 protocols.  We visited the Spice Market, Seven Sisters Waterfalls and met amazing generous people.  Coming back to Grenada is definitely in the cards for us.”

Petter Clementson of the Swedish boat Clementine was also in high praise saying, “It’s been  really great from the beginning. We visited Hog Island, then went up to Carriacou for amazing  diving and snorkeling. We visited Sandy Island which is something I will remember for the rest  of my life with the palms and beautiful sand.” 

The six boats completing the Viking Explorers Transatlantic Rally were Bilby, Clementine,  INUKSUK III, Site Office, SV Aurora and Strummer with crews representing Sweden, Norway,  Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, Spain, Canada, Bermuda, France and the United Kingdom.