Usain Bolt’s 22-Year-Old World Record Smashed By Jamaican Sprinter Who Is Just 16

(DAILY EXPRESS US) – A 16-year-old Jamaican sprinting sensation has stepped up, breaking Usain Bolt’s under-17 400m world record at the Carifta Games in Grenada. Nickecoy Bramwell clocked a stunning 47.26 seconds, besting Bolt’s record by just 0.07 seconds.

After overcoming injuries, Bramwell is not resting on his laurels; he’s already targeting more records held by the legendary Bolt. Overjoyed with his performance, Bramwell shared, “It’s a wonderful feeling to break the record. Since last summer, I have been eyeing the record.”

He continued: “So it’s a great feeling I could come out here and get it. I just took my mind off it and focused on the record. I’m looking forward to better things.”

Not only does Bramwell excel in the 400m, but he also boasts impressive times in the 100m and 200m, with personal bests of 10.94 and 21.45 respectively. Despite his early success, the Kingston schoolboy knows he has a long way to go to match Bolt’s storied career.

Usain Bolt, the retired sprint icon with eight Olympic golds and world records in the 100m, 200m, and 4x100m relay, is now 37 and has been enjoying his retirement since 2017. While he relishes family life, he occasionally participates in celebrity charity events like Soccer Aid.

Bolt expressed excitement about new talent like Bramwell and emphasized the need for more dynamic personalities in track and field. “After me, it kind of went down because of who I was as a person, and how big my personality was. But I think over time it will be better,” he remarked.

He also noted the emergence of promising young athletes with the charisma needed to invigorate the sport: “I think young athletes are coming up and I see a few personalities that are needed in sport, hopefully in the upcoming years it will change.”

Looking to contribute to the sport that made him famous, Bolt is considering a role with World Athletics. He shared his intentions: “I’m still waiting on a position from,” adding, “I’ve reached out to them and let them know I would love to make a bigger impact in sports, as long as they want me to. We’ve been in talks but we’ll have to wait and see what comes around.”