USA And Canadian Universities To Conduct In-Person Session 

PR – The Ministry of Education, Youth, Sports and  Culture, and the Associate Vice President of Global Studies at Western Illinois University, Randy Glean Ph.D., will facilitate an open session with prospective students at the Grenada Trade  Centre on June 9, 2023, from 2:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.  

Representatives from Southeast Missouri State University; Northwest Missouri State  University; St. George’s University; State University of New York-Brockport and the  University of Guelph-Ontario will participate in the open session, as will stakeholders from the  banking sector. 

The open session will be the main event of the June 8 to 10 visit by Dr. Glean and representatives  from the various universities. 

They will offer various types of scholarships for qualified undergraduates, up to full tuition, for  top students.  

Post graduate students interested in Master’s degrees are advised to research the institutions prior  and be fully informed on offerings. Highly qualified students with top grades and research  experience or potential, who are fully informed and invested in their area of interest, may qualify  for opportunities that may include tuition and stipend.  

Some institutions offer options for co-operative education that include work and study. All  institutions offer the opportunity for on-campus work on a competitive basis. Online studies or a  combination of online to on-campus study is an additional option.  

This venture is part of a joint initiative being undertaken by the Minister for Education, Youth,  Sports, and Culture Hon. David Andrew and Dr. Glean, who has assisted in finding institutions  willing to offer scholarships and assistantships to Grenadian students and which recognise and  accept the credentials and credits from the T.A. Marrshow Community College. 

This Ministry encourages all prospective students to make full use of the opportunity to obtain  information for educational advancement.