US: Woman Sentenced To 4 Years For Sex With Her Daughter’s Teen Boyfriends

    (NEW YORK POST) — A depraved California mom sobbed this week when she was sentenced to four years in the slammer for having sex with both of her daughters’ teen boyfriends.

    But Coral Lytle’s tears did little to appease families of the victims, who issued blistering statements bashing the predator mom in Tulare County Superior Court Monday, The Fresno Bee reported.

    “Your name will always be equated with being a sex offender and rapist because that is what now defines you,” said one of the mothers of the victims, who wasn’t identified because the boys are victims of sex crimes.

    The boys were 14 and 15-year-old freshmen in high school when they were targeted by the 42-year-old woman over one week between between Sept. 27, 2017 and Oct. 4, 2017.

    Lytle plied her daughter’s one-time boyfriends with alcohol and cigars, and would meet them in parks, parking lots or even pick them up from their homes and drive them to hers for the raunchy rendezvous — until one of them went to the police.

    “[The victim] stated this was the last time he had sex with [Lytle] because he felt bad shaking [Lytle’s] husband’s hand knowing what he was doing with [Lytle],” prosecutors said.

    One of the fathers of the victims said his son “was manipulated by a pedophile who has changed his life forever.”

    Another dad said he noticed a change in his son’s behavior and once found him alone and crying in his bedroom.

    “He was blaming himself for actions of someone else,” the dad said. “People said that high school was supposed to be the best time of his life.

    “He had hopes and dreams. It didn’t work out that way.”

    When Lytle’s sickening behavior was publicly revealed, the boys were bullied and became depressed and withdrawn, the dads said.

    Lytle pleaded guilty in March to 21 felony counts, including unlawful sexual intercourse, oral copulation and contacting a minor for sex.

    In addition to her jail sentence, she’ll have to register as a sex offender for life.