US Customs Agents Seize Drugs, Nab Suspects In Caribbean Sea

(CMC) – The United States Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agency says law enforcement intercepted a vessel in the Caribbean Sea transporting 3,051 pounds of cocaine and arrested three non-citizens from Venezuela.

CBP said the arrests and seizures took place near Palmas de Mar, off Puerto Rico’s eastern coast and that the estimated value of the contraband is approximately US$32 million (J$4.8 billion).

It said the authorities had located a “lights-out vessel traversing at high speed” and with assistance from a US Coast Guard aircraft, located the vessel 10 miles off the coast of Humacao, Puerto Rico.

“Agents intercepted a ‘yola’ type vessel near the Palmas del Mar resort. On board, (agents) arrested three men who claimed to be Venezuelan nationals and seized 40 bales of suspected contraband,” the CBP said.

It added that on March 30, agents intercepted a vessel near Mona Island, off Puerto Rico, with six bales of cocaine and arrested two men from the Dominican Republic.