US Coast Guard Rescues 33 Migrants From Sinking Vessel Off Haiti

(CMC) — The United States Coast Guard says the crew of its Cutter Dependable rescued 33 Haitian migrants on Monday after their vessel began taking on water about six miles north of Cap-Haitien, Haiti.

The US Coast Guard said that Coast Guard District Seven watchstanders received notification from the Dependable’s crew “after they encountered a sailing vessel taking on water.”

“All 33 people were brought aboard the Dependable and transferred to Haitian authorities in good health, Tuesday,” the US Coast Guard said.

Lieutenant Chelsea Chamberlain, a US Coast Guard District Seven enforcement officer, praised the crew for the rescue effort.

“Dependable’s crew did a great job of rapidly responding to the dangerous situation,” Chamberlain said. “The people were actively bailing out water in heavy seas and, if our crew hadn’t arrived when they did, the vessel would have likely succumbed to the sea.”

The US Coast Guard also said that it collaborated with Puerto Rico Police air and surface crews in rescuing three boaters from a capsized vessel just off Desecheo Island, Puerto Rico, on Tuesday.

The US Coast Guard said those rescued were Abdiel Alvarez, 21, Carlos Rosado, 23, and Jerry Mendez, 21, after the 18-foot vessel “La Chupi” capsized, and “the men were able to successfully climb on top of the overturned vessel.”

The boaters were wearing life jackets when rescued.

“The swift coordination and collaboration amongst all responding units, including Puerto Rico Police Joint Forces of Rapid Action marine unit COBRA 54 led to the successful rescue of three individuals,” said Chief Warrant Officer Daniel Capestany, US Coast Guard Sector San Juan command duty officer for the case.

“The boater’s ability to establish communications with a 911 emergency operator and relay a precise location was instrumental to their rescue,” he added.