US: 44 Indicted In Puerto Rico In $1.2m Scheme To Obtain Pandemic Relief Funds

(AP) — A federal grand jury in Puerto Rico indicted 44 people accused in a $1.2 million scheme to illegally obtain pandemic relief funds, authorities said Thursday.

The suspects are accused of submitting at least 52 loan applications to obtain federal recovery funds that US Attorney Stephen Muldrow said they used “to support their own personal lifestyles, taking needed resources from those whose legitimate businesses were suffering from losses due to the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Authorities alleged the suspects submitted applications using fake tax documents, payroll records, ID cards and bank records.

One of the suspects worked at an unidentified bank, where officials seized nearly $850,000 in money related to the scheme. They also seized three cars, a power generator and some $40,000 worth of fitness equipment, according to the US Attorney’s Office.