Update – On Boating Incident

The public is hereby informed that investigations are being carried out into the tragic and emotionally devastating boating accident involving a Coast Guard vessel on Sunday night.
This incident resulted in the unfortunate death of Kimon Bell and the Royal Grenada Police Force extends sincere condolences to the family, friends and loved ones of the young man.
The public is assured that this incident will be thoroughly investigated using a parallel approach that involves the Maritime Administration on one hand and the RGPF on the other. The investigations will be conducted independent of each other.
To date, a number of actions have already been taken.
First, the accident was reported to the Maritime Administration in accordance with the Shipping Act Cap 303 of the 2010 Continuous Revised Laws of Grenada. The Maritime Administration will follow through on its mandate within the legislation to conduct the necessary investigation into the accident, the findings of which, will be submitted to the Minister responsible for Maritime Administration for appropriate action.
Secondly, the RGPF has also requested the support from the Regional Security System (RSS) in conducting its own investigation. The RSS will assist in providing maritime and investigative expertise, as well as provide an additional layer of objectivity and transparency in the investigative process. Expert assistance from the RSS is expected on island early next week.
Additionally, the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) is involved and will be consulted at every stage of the investigation. Upon completion, the file and its findings will be handed over to the DPP for his consideration and recommendations. The public is advised that the determination of what criminal offence, if any, arises out of this incident will be made by the DPP.
We therefore appeal for forbearance and understanding as the investigation proceeds.