UK Visa And Employment Scam Currently Targeting Grenadians

PR – The Grenada National  Cyber Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT Gnd) wishes to inform the public of a United  Kingdom visa sponsorship and employment phishing scam currently targeting Grenadians and is  being shared by Grenadians via social media. 

The scam was identified and flagged by CSIRT Gnd on October 27, 2022. Warnings were thereafter  posted to social media.  

The scam invites interested persons to click on a given link to apply for a United Kingdom Visa as  well as to sign up for employment. CSIRT Gnd wants the public to know that the link shared in the  message leads to a phishing website, and that visiting phishing websites can result in account  compromise, device compromise, or both. Additionally, sharing personal information on a phishing  website can also lead to identity theft. 

The public is hereby warned about engaging with unverified advertisements, sponsored posts,  messages, emails, and other postings.  

If you receive the message, please delete it. If you received the message, clicked on the link and  entered your personal information, scan your device for malware and monitor your accounts for  suspicious activities. 

Anyone needing assistance insofar as verifying content found online, or for general online safety  information or advice can reach out to the National Cyber Security Incident Response Team on  WhatsApp and Telegram on (473) 423-2478; via email at; or on Facebook,  Instagram and Twitter at @csirtgnd.