Ubersoca Cruise Announces Its #SSMusic Powered By Audiomack

PR – The #SSMusic (Support Soca Music) campaign is an educational awareness campaign with the goal of making listeners of Caribbean music more aware of the importance of streaming and downloading music across digital streaming platforms (DSPs). Ubersoca Cruise, the world’s largest Caribbean music festival at Sea that features 100% Soca music from every Caribbean island, has partnered with Audiomack to embark on an 8-week campaign. The campaign focuses on educating the community while marketing young Caribbean talent worldwide. Over the course of the 8-weeks, six talented artists will be featured via Audiomack and Audiomack Caribbean along with the Ubersoca Cruise platforms. The goal of these weekly features is to increase the overall streaming impressions, album, or single downloads for each of these artists. The first two weeks of the campaign will focus on educating the community and the artists about the importance of DSPs, and how to utilize them in a way that works while appealing to the Caribbean community to support the music of the region in a digital way that is trackable. Each week following, one of the six artists will be featured and supported by the entire Caribbean community. 

“The Ubersoca Cruise team has spent the past several months speaking with many internal and external stakeholders regarding the state of Caribbean music. What we found is that although we love Soca music, the data simply doesn’t support our enthusiasm, which makes it very difficult to attract or garner the kind of attention required to make the genre “mainstream”, says Jodi Covington, an Executive Member of Ubersoca Cruise. “It is our hope that this partnership with Audiomack will allow us to help educate our community in a way that is impactful towards the growth and development of Soca music as a whole. We have to be a part of the conversation and that starts with having the data to back up our passion” she continues. 

“Audiomack is a youth-focused, artist-free music streaming platform that allows creators to share unlimited music; we’re here for the up-and-coming artist. We teamed up with Uber Soca Cruise because we have the same motive and that’s to educate and assist with getting more soca streamed on the platform”, says Tanya Lawson Director of Marketing for Caribbean & Gospel Strategies at Audiomack.  During this partnership, we want to break down the importance of streaming, explain what monetization is, and explain to the audience how and why it’s important to support soca music.