U.S. Embassy Grenada Joins 16 Days Of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence Campaign 

PR – The United States Embassy in Grenada marked the 16 Days of activism against Gender-Based  Violence campaign 2022 by participating in the Clothesline project. The Clothesline Project is a  visual display of shirts made by survivors of violence or by those who have lost a loved one to  violence. The project aims to increase awareness of the impact of violence and abuse, honors a  survivor’s strength to continue, and provides an avenue for them to courageously break the  silence that often surrounds their experience. The Clothesline project has been displayed across  the world, including the Ministry of Social Development in Grenada. 

Principal Officer Frances Herrera noted, “This project will be a testimony on behalf of the many  women and girls who are survivors of the various forms of abuse and violence. It will also help  survivors find a voice while they heal.” The display will be showcased at the Embassy until  December 10.  

The United States condemns all forms and instances of gender-based violence and reaffirms its  unwavering commitment to preventing and responding to gender-based violence as a moral and  strategic imperative, as a fairness and equity issue, and as a driver of our collective prosperity and security.