U.S. Embassy Grenada Commemorates National Caribbean American Heritage

PR – The U.S. Embassy in Grenada celebrated Caribbean American Heritage Month on June 21, 2024,  recognizing the rich cultural contributions and historical contributions made to the United  States by persons of Caribbean heritage. 

The U.S. Embassy visited Ms. Eva Louis in Grand Bras, the oldest surviving relative of Malcolm X  in Grenada, presenting her with a fruit basket in acknowledgment of Malcolm X’s profound  impact on global social justice movements. 

Frances Herrera, Principal Officer of the U.S. Embassy in Grenada, highlighted the importance of  such initiatives, stating, “Through efforts like this, the U.S. Embassy aims to promote greater  cultural understanding and appreciation for the contributions of Caribbean Americans to our  society.” 

The event emphasized the enduring ties between Caribbean heritage and the global quest for  justice and equality, spotlighting Malcolm X’s enduring influence in inspiring generations  through his steadfast commitment to civil rights, equality, and empowerment. 

Throughout Caribbean Heritage Month and beyond, the U.S. Embassy reaffirms its commitment  to celebrating diversity, advancing inclusivity, and honoring the legacies of leaders like Malcolm  X, who have profoundly shaped our world.