Two Intoxicated Women Fall Onto Brooklyn Subway Tracks, Leaving One Dead

    NEW YORK POST- Two intoxicated women fell onto the tracks at a Brooklyn subway station and were struck by a departing northbound A train early Sunday morning, resulting in one of their deaths, police sources and witnesses said.

    One woman, 23, was declared dead at the Broadway Junction station following the 12:20 a.m. incident, sources said.

    The other woman, 24, suffered a broken arm and was taken to Brookdale Hospital.

    Cory Walker, 30, said he saw the tragic scene unfold.

    He said one woman fell to the tracks and the other was trying to grab her when she too ended up on the tracks. It’s unclear if the second woman fell or jumped down to save the other victim.

    “Me and my friend tried to bang on the side of the train to get the conductor’s attention so they didn’t pull off,” Walker, visibly shaken, recalled to The Post.

    “It didn’t work fast enough, because one got crushed,” he said. “The train stuck both of them.”