Two Charged In Bermuda Over Raft-up Involving Reggae Star Shaggy

(CMC) – Bermudian authorities say they have filed charges against two people in connection with an alleged breach of coronavirus (COVID-19) rules during a boat Raft-up show where reggae star Shaggy performed.

While no charges will be filed against Shaggy — real name Orville Burrell — who put on a live performance during the Raft-up, Bermuda’s director of public prosecutions Cindy Clarke, said prosecution approved two charges against Matthew Strong and Selange Gitschner, for breaches resulting from the June 8, 2021 event. Clarke revealed that at the time of said event, Raft-ups were banned in Bermuda.

Clarke shared that it is alleged that the defendants “aided, counselled and procured Orville Burrell” to contravene one of the COVID-19 rules “in that he, having travelled to Bermuda on June 8, 2021, did not quarantine until he received his negative COVID-19 result”.

The second count alleges that both Strong and Gitschner “failed to take all reasonable steps … to maintain appropriate physical distancing by not wearing a mask when one is required“as required by COVID-19 regulations.”

The Raft-up involved dozens of social media influencers brought to the island by US fashion brand Revolve.

Clarke said the case is expected to come before Magistrates’ Court on Friday.