TVET Managers Workshop 

PR – The Grenada National Training Agency, in  conjunction with UNESCO, recently hosted a TVET Centre Managers Workshop at the Point Salines  Hotel. 

The objective was to build and strengthen the capacities of the managers of Technical and Vocational  Education and Training (TVET) institutions to promote the application of cross-cutting themes such as  TVET for Sustainable Development, Greening TVET, and Gender Equity and Inclusion in skills training.  

Chief Executive Officer, Grenada National Training Agency, Lincoln Morgan said “Training centres  continue to be one of the key stakeholder groupings, because this is the group that works directly with  learners to ensure that they master the required skills and other attributes for successful performance in  industry.” 

Morgan added that they have signed an MOU with the allied health council to provide support for the  certification and licensing of allied health professionals. 

The workshop targeted managers of TVET institutions and post-secondary skills training centers, training  providers, community-based organizations, non-governmental development agencies and the Ministry of  Youth. 

Coordinator for Training Support, Grenada National Training Agency, Marlene Abraham-Finlay said We  want to ensure that the centre managers and the persons involved in providing TVET training or  coordinating skills training activities are on board and that they are aware of the cross-cutting themes that  would be transcending TVET.” 

National Education Officer, UNESCO Cluster for the Caribbean, Latoya Swaby-Anderson, presented on  “TVET for Sustainable Development”.

She spoke of a recently launched project called “UNESCO Resilient Caribbean – Grenada Youth  Empowered for the Digital World of Work,” which is expected to strengthen the digital competencies of  TVET educators, youth and others. 

Associate Dean, TAMCC School of Continuing Education, Dr. John Telesford, who presented on  “Greening TVET”, said, “The greening of TVET is a continuous process of trying to get our TVET  programmes in line with the sustainable development of Grenada. So, when we speak of the sustainable  development of Grenada, we are talking about a sustainable economy, sustainable society, a sustainable  environment…..introducing new programmes that would be getting our workforce fit for taking up those  jobs that would be coming in the green economy and the blue economy in the future. 

Other workshop presenters included Hiromichi Katayama, who works with UNESCO’s Section of Youth,  Literacy and Skills Development.  

The session ended with a panel discussion on “Gender Equity and Inclusion in Skills