Trinidad: Woman Steals Police Vehicle To Kidnap Child

(CMC) – Police have detained a 24-year-old woman, after she reportedly stole a police vehicle from a station in Cunupia in Central Trinidad to kidnap a toddler in Arima, east of there, on Monday.

Police said that the woman, who remains in custody, is known to the parents of the child. They said she had been left briefly with the child when the parents left the house, but on their return found their daughter missing.

Neighbours informed the parents that the woman had taken the child and the police were notified.

Police said officers from the North Central Division Task Force West were on patrol on Monday night and saw a police car being driven along the Eastern Main Road, Tacarigua.

They attempted to stop the car, but it sped off and it was later intercepted and the child rescued. The child was taken to the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex Paediatric Department for medical examination.

Investigators said the police car was stolen from the Cunupia police station and the woman remains in custody. She is likely to be charged with kidnapping and theft.