Trinidad: Woman Loses Salary To ‘Good Samaritan’ Smartman

(TRINIDAD EXPRESS) – A PORT of Spain woman lost her entire salary on Tuesday after a bandit bumped into her, stole her purse, helped himself to $4,400 and then handed it back to her without her reali­sing what happened until it was too late.

Police said that around 7.15 p.m., the woman who lives in Nelson Street, East Port of Spain, was walking south along Charlotte Street when she felt someone bump into her on her left side.

She thought nothing of it and continued walking until she felt someone tap her on her left shoulder.

She then turned and faced a five-foot-tall, slim-built man with a dark blue jersey around his neck who claimed the purse fell from her while she was walking and handed it back to her, pretending to be a good Samaritan who retrieved it.

She thanked him and continued walking.

She decided to check the purse, however, and discovered her salary amounting to $4,400 gone.

She ran back up Charlotte Street to try and find her “good Samaritan” to see if he knew where her money was, but he was nowhere to be found.

A report of theft was later made at the Besson Street Police Station.