Trinidad: Search Continues For Woman Washed Away

(TRINIDAD EXPRESS) – A search is continuing this morning for the 44-year-old mother washed away by raging flood waters as she attempted to cross a flooded river in Lopinot on Thursday afternoon.

The Hunters Search and Rescue Team joined the search party on Thursday night, combing through the swollen river and nearby bushes.

But, up to 10.30am Theresa Lynch had not been found. The bags of pimentos and hot peppers Lynch was carrying when she slipped into the river were found on the river bank.

The Express was told that a team of hunters, residents and family members returned to the area at 5.30am to resume the search.

Relatives say they are still praying that Lynch would be found alive.

Lynch, her brother and another relative had spent the morning tending to crops in their agriculture lands at McDonald Trace when the heavy rains began.

According to relatives, the three were returning home when incident occurred at around 12.45pm.

A relative said, “They were walking back home but they had to cross the ravine to get back. She was holding a bamboo rod but her foot slipped and fell in. The brother grabbed her but he slipped too and the water pushed him back. He got slammed on a rock and they separated.”

The relative said the brother, 45-year-old William Ramlogan, raised and alarm and relatives and villagers began searching for the woman. Ramlogan is being treated at hospital.