Trinidad: Residents Evacuated After Mud Volcano Activity 

(TT GUARDIAN) – Three families were evacuated overnight after at least one vent of the Cascadoux Mud Volcano erupted in Mayaro. Guardian Media understands that a team from the University of the West Indies Seismic Research Centre is expected to visit the site later today. Cocal/Mafeking councillor Renelle Kissoon confirmed that the trace leading to the site has been cordoned off.

Guardian Media understands that the activity came from new vents, and

one was spewing mud at least 15 feet into the air. In a telephone interview with Guardian Media, Kissoon said around 11 pm the residents reached out to the Mayaro Rio Claro Regional Corporation’s Disaster Management Unit (DMU).

She said the DMU, the Hunters Search and Rescue Team, TTPS and Fire Service visited the site. “No families were directly affected. However, three families were evacuated as a safety measure because of their proximity to the mud volcano and the activity. At one point the mud that was shooting out would have been going up a little above 15 feet and it would have been hot and spewing all over the place. So just as a safety measure we would have relocated them,” she explained.

Kissoon said the DMU has not officially activated any shelters in the region, but they would be checking with the families to ensure that they were comfortable at the homes of neighbours and/or close families with whom they were staying by.

Depending on the findings of the Seismic Research Centre, she said they would then decide when the families would be able to return to their homes and the next step going forward.

When contacted Hunters Search and Rescue Team Captain Vallance Rambharat said they are monitoring the situation and were ready to respond if needed.