Trinidad: PCA Reviews Video Of Bharatt Murder Suspect Allegedly Beaten By Police

(T&T NEWSDAY) – The Police Complaints Authority (PCA) is now in possession of a video recording which allegedly shows the police beating Andrew “Solo” Morris, one of the suspects in the kidnapping and murder of Andrea Bharatt.

Bharatt, a 22-year-old court clerk, disappeared on January 29 and her body was found at the Heights of Aripo on February 4.

The video, which Newsday has seen, is four minutes and 31 seconds long, and appears to show Morris on the day he was arrested, telling police that another suspect, who is also dead, was involved.

The video surfaced as the PCA called for information on the allegations of abuse against police in relation to the deaths of two suspects, and two other matters.

In a media release on Tuesday the PCA said it had initiated three investigations into allegations of police misconduct. The first two are the deaths of Morris and Devon “Fabo” Charles, otherwise known as Joel Belcon

Both men died in police custody. Both men were arrested on January 31, Morris around 3.30 am and Charles hours later.

Morris died at hospital the following day and Charles eight days later.

Police said both men needed to be “subdued,” while they were being detained, Morris for “acting violently” when he was arrested, and Charles when he tried to escape.

The PCA is also investigating the failure of police to “prosecute; tender evidence and attend court hearing matter.” The issue of police non-appearance in court came up when it was revealed that Charles, who was charged with 70 offences, but convicted of none, had at least half of his cases dismissed because police officers did not attend court.

He was released on bail late last year after spending close to two years behind bars on pending matters.

The third investigation is into the arrest of Drugs Sou Sou (DSS) founder Kerron “Preeze” Clarke at his home at Kathleen Warner Drive, La Horquetta on February 6. Clarke was arrested on suspicion of money laundering. He had to be taken to hospital last Saturday after his attorneys saw he was bleeding when they went to his home.

A video of the arrest has been circulating on social media showing Clarke, a member of the Defence Force, in handcuffs, refusing to be moved by the police. He eventually fell to the ground. His attorneys say he had soft tissue damage.

He is awaiting charges of operating a money lending business without a licence.

The PCA release said: “These investigations are being launched pursuant to Section 26 of the Police Complaints Authority Act Chapter 15:05, the PCA. The PCA is established by law to give independent civilian oversight to police conduct. We are bound by law to investigate allegations of serious misconduct by staff of the TT Police Service.” It asked witnesses to, or people with information about these incidents to contact the PCA at 226-4722 or at