Trinidad: Mystery Fire Destroys 14 Cars At Caroni Licensing

(TRINIDAD EXPRESS) – An early morning fire at the Caroni Licensing Office compound destroyed 14 impounded vehicles yesterday.

The fire took place sometime around 3.30 a.m., but the exact cause of the blaze remained unknown up to yesterday evening.

Transport Commissioner Clive Clarke confirmed the incident, saying that members of the Fire Service as well as officers of the Caroni Police Station were actively investigating the matter.

Clarke, during a phone interview yesterday with CCN TV6, said he received a call around 4 a.m., and was informed that a security guard on duty at the compound was on patrol when he heard a loud explosion in the area where the impounded vehicles were kept.

Upon investigating further, Clarke said the guard found some of the vehicles on fire, after which the Fire Service was contacted.

Officers arrived shortly after and were able to put out the blaze. The building itself was not damaged.

Clarke said he was hoping that, within a few days, he would be furnished with a report of how the fire actually started.

“Subsequent to that, the (Transport) Ministry may provide any further statement that it sees necessary,” said Clarke.

He pointed out however that the outside of the building had CCTV cameras and the footage was handed over to investigators.

“We have cameras on the compound and footage that has been reviewed and that I don’t want to comment on at this point in time, but I know that we are waiting on the report from the TTPS as well as the Fire Service and the Ministry will then make any necessary statements,” said Clarke.