Trinidad: Mom Of Three Chopped To Death

(TRINIDAD EXPRESS) – A Guayaguayare mother of three was chopped to death at her home on Wednesday during an altercation with a man whom she knew.

She is the second mother to be killed this week. On Tuesday, 12-year-old Levi Lewis and his mother, Abeo Cudjoe, were knifed and slashed to death at their Penal home. A soldier is of police interest in this case.

In yesterday’s incident, Ellen Tishana Mohammed, 24, collapsed and died outside her home at La Brea Village.

The killer fled the scene, then stopped officers of the highway patrol unit and is said to have told them what he had done.

A police report said around 10.50 a.m., Mohammed, a housewife, was at her home, when the man went to the home. The man dealt her several chops to her body, and her head was almost severed.

The suspect is said to have surrendered himself to police.

The scene was visited by Insp Ramkissoon, Sgt Narine and other officers of the Mayaro Police Station and detectives of the Homicide Bureau of Region Two.

Mohammed’s father, Steve Jones, said his daughter had been in a relationship with the suspect for almost three months.

Jones said the suspect had threatened his daughter on several occasions, and his daughter had made six reports against the man at the Mayaro Police Station.

“The police in this country gone through. They are rotten. Six times we went to the police station,” said Jones.

“The man was making threats to her. The police came on one occasion and they did not meet the man, but they never came back. Only until today when they came with caution tape and about 15 Jeeps. My daughter left behind three little children,” he added.

Jones said he dropped his granddaughter at her school yesterday, then left to do an odd job.

Brother of the deceased, Isaiah, said the suspect ambushed his sister when he (Isaiah) was not at home.

“He waited until I went to work to attack my family. My sister had told me she wanted to end the relationship. She said when she told him that, he wanted to chop the whole family. He had a blade in his hand that day he said that.

“I told him I do not want to see him in the yard. That is why he waiting until I went to work to attack my sister,” said Isaiah.

He said the last time his sister made a police report was on Sunday.

“Yesterday (Tuesday) I saw him sharpening the blade. I am in shock. My three nieces are just babies without a mother now,” wept Isaiah.

The body was removed for an autopsy at the Forensic Science Centre, Federation Park.

Officers of the Homicide Bureau of Region Two are continuing the investigation.