Trinidad: Mom Chopped To Death Trying To Save Daughter

(TRINIDAD EXPRESS) – A Sangre Grande mother who attempted to save her daughter was chopped to death inside her home on Monday night.

Her daughter was critically wounded.

The victims were identified as 53-year-old Tricia Badaloo and her daughter Taylor Benson, 21.

Badaloo worked in the Purchasing Department of Caribbean Communications Network, Express House, Port of Spain.

Police said the mother and daughter were at their Neil Street, Sangre Grande, home when a man they knew entered at around 7.30pm.

The man attacked Benson, police said, chopping her in the face, arms and upper body.

Her mother, who heard the commotion, ran into the living room and tried to stop the man from chopping her daughter.

Police said the attacker turned the weapon on Badaloo and chopped her repeatedly on the head and about the body.