Trinidad: Massacre In Mayaro – 4 Killed In ‘Land Grab’ Location

(TRINIDAD EXPRESS) – GUNMEN in uniforms resembling police tactical wear shot and killed four gardeners in a camp in Mayaro in the early hours of Monday.

Homicide detectives were told that the killers shouted “Police! Police!” before opening fire on the four men.

The four victims resided at Couva but were in the camp on agricultural lands on Basil Trace in Bristol.

Police identified the deceased men as Buddy George, 59, a contractor and gardener, of Martha Street, and gardeners Jeremiah George, 20, Marcus Buddy, 37, and Dion Keyon Mendoza 29.

Crime scene investigators retrieved from two spent nine-millimetre shell casings and six spent 5.56 casings.

A police report stated that at around 12.30 a.m. the victims and other people were asleep in a camp approximately a half mile off the end of Basil Trace, Bristol Village in Mayaro, when they were awakened by shouts of “Police, Police.”

Six men dressed in police operational wear, all armed with firearms, approached the group in the camp.

They instructed the men to lie face down on the ground and shot them.

The killers ran off and escaped in the forested area.

The others in the camp contacted the police and officers of the Mayaro CID and Eastern Division Task Force responded.

Sgt Ramsahai and Pc Gillead of the Homicide Bureau of Region II are investigating.

The Commissioner of State Lands has been attempting to crack down on land grabbers of State lands on Basil Trace in recent years.