Trinidad: Man Killed During Card Game

(TT GUARDIAN) – Father of two Ishmael Alexander would not usually celebrate Christmas, but this year he got a Christmas tree and was going shopping for his children.

Unfortunately, Alexander’s Christmas plans were shattered after he was shot dead at his in-laws’ home at Harry Bacchus Street, Claxton Bay, on Wednesday night.

A police report stated that Alexander, 26, of Hilltop Avenue, was playing cards with other people at the back of the property around 10.30 pm when two men walked in.

One of them shouted, ‘Look the man there,’ and fired several shots at Alexander. He died at the scene.

Police recovered two live 9 mm ammunition rounds and 13 spent shells of the same calibre.

Still in disbelief, Alexander’s common-law wife Andrea Stewart yesterday said she heard the gunshots from her home and shortly after, a relative told her that there was a shooting at her father’s home.

When she got there, her husband and the father of two children, ages one month and two years, was already dead.

Stewart said she had no idea why he was killed and as far as she knew, he had received no threats.

“My husband was a real nice person. He would have his last and still he will give anybody it. He was a real nice person,” Stewart said.

“I never thought that I would have to go through this. I always watching things and never know that I would have to go through this today. I never thought I would have to go through this.”

She said she was leaving her husband’s death in God’s hands.

Stewart said they were supposed to go tomorrow to buy presents for her daughters.

“He don’t really celebrate Christmas but we just get the vibes this year and we just start to put up tree. We just start to feel it and this just come and happen. We want to take down the Christmas tree but the kids there, so it not making no sense. Let them still feel the joy,” she lamented.

The police report, however, stated his murder might be drug-related.

Officers of the Homicide Bureau of Investigations Region 3 are investigating.