Trinidad: Incoherent Teen From Online Video Goes Missing

( – THE girl seen in a video being taken into a car by a man, who claimed to be her father but wasn’t, has gone missing.

Police said the 15-year-old ran away from her Valencia home on Friday, the day the man was released. Police said the child, who has reportedly run away from home in the past, refused to be medically examined or give a statement to police. As a result no charges could be brought against the man, who police clarified is 44.

The police Child Protection Unit released the man, a security guard who was caught on tape luring the visibly incoherent teen into his car.

Police said the man, who was held on Thursday evening in Cumuto after the video was shared on social media, is not the child’s father, as he claimed in the video.

Police said they cannot compel the child to give a statement. She was last seen wearing black 3/4 jeans,a navy-blue jacket and a tank top with red and pink flowers.

In the video, which lasts three minutes and 28 seconds, the man, who appeared irate, claimed to be her father and bundled her into his car while cursing those who objected to him leaving with the child. He called the child “Renee,” which police said is not the missing teen’s name.

The man, who is from Arima, is heard telling onlookers, mostly women, that he was taking the teen home.
“Allyuh getting me real mad, because yuh see my children, I doh f–k with my children,” the man is heard saying as a woman repeatedly asked why he was seen kissing the child on her lips.

A woman lance corporal with the Defence Force and another woman were seen helping the girl, one wetting her face while the lance corporal held her hand as the man pulled on the teen’s arm to go with him. The man told onlookers he was a security guard and called on another man in the video to vouch for him, which that man did.

While pulling the child from the grip of the woman, the man is heard shouting: “This is my daughter! Baby, come on. She don’t need nothing, you know why? Is either in or out, is her choice. This is my f–king child.”