Trinidad: Gunmen Storm Hospital To Finish Off One Of Four Murder Victims

(TT GUARDIAN) – After opening fire on a group of men in Gonzales last night, gunmen rushed into the Port-of-Spain General Hospital where one of the victims was being taken for treatment and continued shooting to ensure that he did not survive.

The brazen act resulted in eight people being shot, four of whom died.

The incident began just before 8 pm Sunday, with Gonzales residents reporting that a vehicle pulled up in the area and men dressed in police outfits emerged.

They confronted the group of men and fired several shots.

Three men, according to police reports, died at the scene.

Two of them have been identified as Jonathan Arjoon and Jadon Reyes.

Police say a fourth victim, Kevin King, was taken to hospital by relatives. However, as they attempted to take him into the Accident and Emergency Department, the gunmen, who had followed them, opened fire on King again.

He also succumbed to his injuries.

Senior Superintendent of the Homicide Bureau of Investigations Rishi Singh told the media early Monday morning that a financial reward will be offered for information relating to this deadly shooting.

Hinds laments gang killings

National Security Minister Fitzgerald Hinds, who visited the crime scenes last night, expressed frustration over the problem of gangs in Trinidad and Tobago.

Minister Hinds said he was “disturbed” by this shooting incident and quoted statistics that showed 65 per cent of the murders in the country being gang-related.

He said this was a reality even with the presence of anti-gang legislation.

Minister Hinds called on members of the communities where these gangs are prevalent to speak up and provide information to the police.