Trinidad: Gunmen Chase Man Into Stranger’s Home, Kill Him

(TT GUARDIAN) – A man running from gunmen ran into a woman’s home where he was shot dead.

The victim has been identified as Jason Blanc a.k.a “Doggy” of Pinto Road Arima

The incident occurred at 1:25 pm on Tuesday on Bolo Alley, just off Hoyte Avenue on Pinto Road, Arima.

The female homeowner told police she saw a man jump over her wall and run into her bedroom.

She said the man was chased by two gunmen who followed the victim into the house.

The homeowner heard one gunshot before seeing the gunmen run out of the house.

Blanc was found dead at the scene.

Investigators retrieved a 5.56 spent shell at the scene.

They also took a gold watch and chain as evidence.

Investigations are continuing.