Trinidad: Girl Disfigured In Knife Fight, As Schoolmates Cheer

(TRINIDAD EXPRESS) – A female pupil of the Williamsville Secondary school was stabbed and slashed across her face by another female pupil wielding a knife outside the school on Monday afternoon.

The injured pupil was sustained a three-centimetre-deep laceration to her chest wall, a ten centimeter slash wound to right side of the face from the eye to the lip, and a slash to the left arm.

The injured pupil, who resides at Monkey Town, New Grant, was hospitalised at the San Fernando General Hospital.

The fight broke outside the school between two female pupils in uniform shortly after the end of classes at 2.35 pm.

It was recorded by several school pupils.

The injured pupil was taken for medical treatment while the pupil who was armed with the knife fled the scene.

Police said however that an arrest will be made.

Officers of the Princes Town police station are continuing investigations.