Trinidad: England Cricketers On High After Killing Near Hyatt

(TRINIDAD EXPRESS) – England’s cricket players were sequestered at the Hyatt, Port of Spain, after a man was shot dead near the building, during their first night in Trinidad.

According to international media reports, the England and Wales Cricket Board’s security staff had already advised the players not to leave the Hyatt Regency except for their two scheduled matches, a prearranged round of golf and a single training session on Monday morning.

 The UK’s travel advice for Trinidad is that “there is a high level of violent crime” with “gang-related attacks and shootings increasing around the city centre of Port of Spain”.

Wendell Walker, who was targeted by a gunman, died while a woman driver going about her business was injured following a shooting yesterday morning in the vicinity of the Femmes du Chalet facility (previously known as the Breakfast Shed) in Port of Spain.

Walker, 47, lived at Paradise Heights in Morvant.

The Express was told that around 12.50 a.m., a 31-year-old woman from Maracas, St Joseph, was proceeding east along Wrightson Road, Port of Spain, in her Toyota Cross when upon reaching the vicinity of the Breakfast Shed she stopped as the traffic lights had turned red.

There she observed another vehicle exit from Independence Square North onto Wrightson Road.

The vehicle stopped in the middle of the roadway, and a man exited the car holding a “long gun”, approached a Mercedes-Benz and opened fire. The woman told police that she threw herself below her dashboard, and heard a series of gunshots.

She then felt impacts on her vehicle.

When the gunshots ceased, the woman raised her head and observed that the Benz had crashed into her vehicle.

The woman, fearful for her life, drove to the Central Bank, leaving the scene while the shooter was still active.

She stopped in the vicinity of Central Bank and made checks to her car and saw bullet holes to the right side door, as well as damage to her front right fender from where the Benz had impacted her car.

She then notified the police and a team of officers led by Cpl Ellies responded.

The woman suffered minor injuries from trying to save herself, the Express was told.

When officers arrived, they took statements from the woman, before making their way to the scene of the shooting.

There they found the Mercedes-Benz in the centre of the eastbound lanes of Wrightson Road in the vicinity of the walkover.

The officers found Walker, who has been shot several times, slumped against the driver’s seat of the vehicle.

At the time of their arrival, Walker was breathing.

He was taken to the Port of Spain General Hospital. He died while receiving treatment.

Crime scene investigators recovered 15 spent 9mm shells and 18 spent 5.56mm shells at the scene of the shooting.

Police have no motive for this incident. This incident has pushed the 2023 murder toll up to 550.

The comparative for the same period in 2022 was 582.