Trinidad: Couva Mother Ambushed, Murdered On Way To Work

(TT GUARDIAN) – While homicide detectives are yet to establish a motive for the murder of Couva mother, Natasha Moonasar, they suspect that someone ordered a hit on her life.

Moonasar, 37, of Couva, died in the back seat of a PH taxi on Monday after a gunman ambushed her as she headed to work in the Point Lisas Industrial Estate.

Moonasar’s husband, Barkeepers’ and Owners’ Association president Satesh Moonasar spent most of the day at the Couva Police Station trying to understand what had happened to his wife. The distraught husband was unable to speak to reporters.

Around 8.45 am, Moonasar was the back seat passenger of a white Nissan AD Wagon travelling south along the Southern Main Road. As the wagon neared the Point Lisas roundabout, a white Nissan B15 travelling in the opposite direction swerved into its path, colliding head-on.

Police said a gunman, wearing industrial coveralls and a ski mask over his face, got out of the vehicle, walked to the rear passenger window and shot Moonasar several times. Moonasar did not have a chance to run, and she fell over on the seat and died.

The gunman did not harm the female driver and returned to the car, which sped off along the main road. Central Division police led by ASP Ablacksingh, Insp Doodnath, Insp Estrada, Sgt Persad and detectives from the Homicide Bureau of Investigations: Region Three led by Supt Dhilpaul and ASP Persad were on the scene gathering statements and processing evidence. Crime Scene Investigators processed the wagon, which remained on the road in front of Kanson Engineering Works Ltd. Investigators later took it into their custody along with Moonasar’s handbag and lunch bag. Investigators said a driver accompanied the gunman, and they were searching for the suspects and vehicles used in the murder.

Relatives said Moonasar was heading to work in the Point Lisas Industrial Estate and believed someone had followed and attacked her.

However, they were shocked at her horrific demise, saying that she was not a person to do anything to deserve violence.