Trinidad: Autopsy On Two-Year-Old Kymani Delayed To Next Week

(TT GUARDIAN) – Although desperate for answers, the parents of two-year-old Kymani Francis will only know how he died when an autopsy is conducted next week.

The body of the deceased toddler was taken to the Forensic Science Centre, St James, yesterday around 11 am but Guardian Media understands that due to a backlog of cases, his autopsy will be delayed.

Kymani’s parents did not speak to the media as they left the compound.

After he wandered away, the toddler was discovered in the Guapo river about a mile away from his Techier Village, Point Fortin home on Tuesday.

A massive aerial, ground and water search was conducted during the 24 hours he was missing.

A neighbour who spotted Kymani wandering away from his home contacted the police and only then was his mother aware he was missing.

Head of hunting group Hard Ground Gets Soft, Ren Gopiesingh, who was among the team searching for Kymani, explained yesterday that it was not impossible for the boy to veer such a distance away from his home.

“There are so much questions, so much answers people want and people asking if he could have reached so far…and there’s a possibility people saw him break the corner, from there to the river is about a three-minute walk, it is a possibility that he could have reached the bridge, the bridge didn’t have no barricade, he could have, by mistake, slip in the water.”

For the first time, Gopiesingh revealed that just hours before the toddler’s body was found, he observed something in the water.

“We spotted a rip in the water so you know I tell them guys look we seeing a rip current and when we spotted our light in that direction we saw a red eye, so it had a caiman there and it was a very huge caiman.”

Gopiesingh said had a caiman come across the boy’s body, it could have dragged it through the watercourse.

He also maintained that while it was too early to make any conclusions, there were various factors to consider, especially since that particular river was searched on more than one occasion.