Trinidad: 7 Students Injured In Stabbing At Palo Seco School

(TT NEWSDAY) – Seven students of the Palo Seco Secondary School were being treated on May 23 at the Point Fortin Hospital for various injuries suffered during a stabbing incident at the school.

Education Minister Dr Nyan Gadsby-Dolly denied as “fake news” social media reports that one of the students had fatally stabbed and that school had been dismissed after the incident.

In a WhatsApp message to the Newsday she said, “There was a stabbing incident at Palo Seco Secondary this morning. The five students injured were taken for medical attention. There is no indication that any student is critically injured at this time. The school has not been dismissed. It is in session. I await a full report as investigations are ongoing.”

Stephen Mc Clashie, Labour Minister and La Brea MP, in whose constituency the school stands, told the Newsday he does not have full details, but preliminary information suggested six male students and one female were injured during a fracas at the school.

He too denied any fatality.

He said he understood none of the injuries were life-threatening and the most serious injury was a stab wound to the leg of one of the boys.

He said he is not privy to what caused the incident, but there was a lot of unsubstantiated conjecture. He said the school was a quiet one and not known for violence among students.

Mc Clashie was uncertain what weapon was used to injure the students or whether the seven are all victims or if the perpetrator was among them..

Oropouche East Dr Roodal Moonilal, in an immediate response said this brutal classroom crime and the general increase in school violence underscored the more critical urgency for effective security and security measures.

He called for metal detectors to be placed at schools, beginning with high risk-institutions.

The story will be updated as more details come to hand.