Traffic Arrangements For The CONCACAF Football Match At Kirani James Athletic Stadium

The Traffic Department of the Royal Grenada Police Force hereby notifies the general public that the following traffic arrangements will be in effect for the CONCACAF National League Football Match Grenada vs. USA at the Kirani James Athletic Stadium and Cultural Show at the Cricket Stadium on Friday the 24th March 2023.

All vehicular traffic entering the National Stadium will use the Queen’s Park Ring Road connecting from Cherry Hill, Mt. Rush or Hump Back Bridge. 


Vehicular traffic will not be allowed to enter the following areas: 

  • Old Fort public road from its junction with Lucas Street.
  • Cemetery Hill from its junction with Church Street.


VVIPs, VIPs & Officials will be allowed to park on the Concrete Area in front of the Kirani James Athletic Stadium.


The General Public will be allowed to park on the grass fields entering gate six (6) and Wesley Collage Playing Field. 


No parking will be allowed in the following areas (on either side of the road):

  • The public road between Melville Street Fish Market and Cherry Hill (Grenada Auto).
  • River Road from LA Purcell lumber yard to the roundabout close to La Qua Crematorium. 
  • Mt. Rush public road from its junction with the Ring Road to the first intersection. 
  • The national Stadium Ring road


The Emergency Route from the National Stadium will be Queens Park Public Road onto Cemetery Hill, and onto Grant Etang Road. 


No vending will be allowed along Queen’s Park road from La Qua Roundabout to the main entrance of the National Stadium, Stadium Ring Road or any other area in the vicinity of the National Stadium.

The Royal Grenada Police Force thank the general public for their cooperation and understanding and regrets any inconvenience which may be caused.