Three Found Dead In Bus Stuck In A Pothole On Guyana’s Mabura Trail

(CMC) — Police say that “no foul play is suspected” in the deaths of three people, whose bodies were found inside a locked mini-bus on Sunday in a section of the trail that passes through Mabura, Guyana,  an area of approximately 2000 hectares of primary rain forest.

Law enforcement authorities said that the bus was stuck in a “deep pothole” with the rear of the vehicle submerged, its engine and all windows locked.

The police are working on the theory that the driver Leon Achee and passengers Reva Bovell and another person who has so far not yet been identified, had slept in the vehicle the entire Saturday night. Media reports said that they had opted to rest in the vehicle until another vehicle that could render assistance passed by and that carbon monoxide emanating from the bus may have proven to be fatal.
The police statement noted that the bodies of the deceased were examined for marks of violence and none were seen on the exposed parts of their bodies.

Investigations are ongoing.