Thirty-Two (32) Year-Old Organization Continues To Support Carriacou’s Princess Royal Hospital

PR – The Carriacou and Petite Martinique  Action Committee (CPAC) demonstrated its commitment to community well-being with a  generous donation of items, valued at over US$4,000, to the Princess Royal Hospital.  

Hon. Tevin Andrews, Minister for Carriacou and Petite Martinique Affairs and Local  Government, expressed appreciation for CPAC’s contribution, and recognized ongoing  assistance that is received from various non-governmental organizations.  

This CPAC donation, he said, represents a collective effort to enhance the well-being of  the local community. 

Matthias Mills, President of CPAC, spoke of the organization’s 32-year legacy of giving  back to the community. He emphasized that the latest donation is part of CPAC’s  enduring commitment to supporting local healthcare initiatives. He also assured the  community of more contributions in the future.  

Hospital Administrator Marrisa Mclawrence conveyed sincere gratitude for the donation,  acknowledging its positive impact on patient care. She emphasized the critical role of  community organizations like CPAC in bolstering the Princess Royal Hospital’s ability to  provide quality healthcare services.