Thirteen New Cases Of Covid-19 Diagnosed In Grenada

Thirteen (13) new positive cases of COVID-19 have been diagnosed in Grenada in the last 36 hours, and all infected individuals are in quarantine in state facilities, or at home, where they are being monitored.

The current COVID-19 epidemiological situation in Grenada is outlined as follows:

  • Nine (9) of the new positive cases are concentrated in one household.
  • Twelve (12) of the new cases are related to the outbreak cluster, previously announced.
  • One new case is imported. A 37-year old female traveler who arrived in Grenada from St. Vincent with a negative PCR test result, went directly into quarantine, in keeping with the entry protocols and tested positive on Day 4.

Grenada now has fifty-four (54) active cases of COVID-19.

As per the guidelines of the world’s governing health organisations, the Ministry advises that a second test must be conducted on all positive individuals between 12 and 14 days after their first test, before they are granted medical clearance. To that end, commencing later this week, a second PCR test will be administered to all positive individuals from the cluster, as per the epidemiological period of the disease, before they can be medically cleared and released from quarantine.

All individuals who tested negative but were exposed to the cluster, will also be retested in the coming week to ascertain their status. These individuals must remain in isolation until the second test, to avoid exposing other individuals and broadening the cluster.

The Ministry of Health seeks continued patience and understanding, as the testing teams work to clear all backlogs in pending tests and results. Assurance is given that by late Sunday evening, all pending test results will be communicated to both locals and visitors. Laboratory technicians are working diligently toward that goal.

The Ministry also advises all incoming travelers that there will likely be delays in their testing and clearance, given the current epidemiological situation in Grenada, as the recent spike in cases has necessitated a significant increase in the number of tests being conducted.

The testing and contact tracing teams continue to exercise due diligence in sourcing contacts and diagnosing positive cases, while the security teams are working diligently to enforce quarantine compliance as best as possible. The Ministry acknowledges that it is challenging, given the number of locals, who, of necessity, must remain in home quarantine for specified periods or until medically cleared. In an effort to guarantee a higher rate of compliance, some individuals have been moved to state facilities in the past week, to allow security teams to better monitor their compliance.

The Ministry cannot stress enough how necessary it is for individuals who have been exposed or who have tested positive to strictly obey the quarantine and isolation rules. In the last week, there has been a high degree of transmission within households in Grenada.

There are currently two (2) instances in which more than ten (10) people in the same household have tested positive. Please be reminded that if you have been exposed to the virus, or if you have tested positive, you must quarantine or self-isolate, as mandated, so as not to endanger the health or lives of your loved ones. The Government, in turn, will continue to work toward increasing the current capacity of state facilities for quarantining and isolation.

The upcoming days are crucial in curbing this upward spiral in COVID-19 cases here in Grenada. Public cooperation and compliance are critical if we are to give ourselves a chance of beating this disease.

So too, is public information. Please note that the Ministry of Health is your official source of information as we battle this deadly disease. All information should be verified with health officials before being communicated to the public, so as to prevent unnecessary panic, fear, prejudice and anxiety. The Ministry of Health will continue to be timely, transparent and accountable in communicating with the public.

The Ministry reminds everyone that masks must be worn at all times when in public spaces, and must cover the nose and mouth. All social gatherings must be limited to no more than ten people, and everyone must adhere to physical distancing of at least six feet away from others. We also urge everyone to practice good hygiene and to be your brother’s keeper. Look out for neighbours in quarantine but do not visit them. Violators of the quarantine and isolation order will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Do not endanger the lives of your loved ones and neighbours.

If you believe that you have been exposed to the virus, or you are displaying symptoms consistent with those of the Coronavirus, isolate yourself immediately, and contact the COVID-19 Hotline at 473 538 4787, or your nearest health centre.