The United States Donates Educational Resources To Grenadian Students 


PR – On October 25 and 26, in honor of Grenada’s Month of the Child, Ambassador  Linda Taglialatela and the U.S. Embassy team in Grenada distributed educational  resources to students across the island. The students of the Grenada School for  Special Education received essential school supplies, while the children at Queen  Elizabeth’s Home were presented with gift bags, and Grenada Junior Academy benefitted from a generous furniture donation. 

Ambassador Taglialatela shared that, “The United States is honored to continue to  contribute towards the educational journey of every child in Grenada and looks  forward to working with the Government and people of Grenada, Carriacou and  Petite Martinique to create avenues for educational development and growth.” 

Last month the United States, through Mission Continuing Promise, donated  bookshelves, books from local authors, sports equipment, band masterclasses and  carried out classroom revitalization to schools in Grenada.