The New National Party Addresses The Escalating Gun Violence Crisis In Grenada

PR – The New National Party (NNP) is deeply concerned about the increase in gun violence and the proliferation of illegal weapons and ammunition in Grenada. The recent developments in the Mt. Horne/Paraclete communities are one specific example that requires more drastic action from the Government. Currently, members of both communities are traumatized by the recent incidences of violence in which even the lives of commuters were threatened. This escalating crisis poses a significant threat to our nation’s social stability and peace, affecting communities across our beloved country. 

Recent events have also underscored a need for comprehensive action. The current government’s lack of intervention and the apparent disinterest of the Minister of National Security have only exacerbated the situation. Furthermore, the demotivation within our police force, stemming from politicization and perceived neglect from the highest levels of leadership, requires immediate attention. 

The NNP believes that the safety of our citizens and visitors is paramount and should never be compromised. We are calling on the government to acknowledge the gravity of this crisis and to take decisive steps to address the root causes and implement effective strategies. 

The NNP is committed to working tirelessly to restore faith in our law enforcement and ensure that our government acts in the best interest of its people. We urge the current administration to rise above political considerations and join us in a united effort to maintain peace and security in Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique. The time for action is now. Our nation’s future and the well-being of our citizens depend on it.