The Ministry Of Mobilisation, Implementation And Transformation Calls For The Immediate Removal Of Tagged Boats Along The Kirani James Boulevard (Lagoon Road) 

PR  – The Ministry of Mobilisation, Implementation, and  Transformation, in accordance with section 39 of the Waste Management Act #16 of 2001, is  making an urgent call to all boat owners for the immediate removal of tagged boats (derelicts) along the Kirani James Boulevard (Lagoon Road area). 

The Ministry reminds boat owners of the previous notice for removal which was extended and has  since expired. Owners are therefore urged to comply with this directive by Friday, 3rd February, 2023. Please be further informed that Saturday February 4, 2023, has been scheduled for the  removal of all unwanted boats located at the Kirani James Boulevard. 

The Ministry of Mobilisation, Implementation and Transformation in collaboration with the  Ministry of Health, the Grenada Solid Waste Management, and the Royal Grenada Police Force,  began an ambitious and vigorous programme in December 2022, to remove all derelicts across the  state of Grenada and has since had the cooperation of most individuals and organisations.  

The team expresses profound gratitude for the support of the public and reminds everyone that  efforts are continued to alleviate any forms of environmental hazards, as we purpose to maintain a  clean, safe, and healthy environment for all.