The Ministry Of Education, Youth, Sports And Culture Extends Condolences On The Passing Of Former Minister For Youth And Sports, Adrian ‘Spaceman’ Mitchell

PR  – The Minister, Permanent Secretary and staff of the Division  of Youth, Sports and Culture extend condolences to the family and friends of former Minister for Youth and Sports, Mr. Adrian ‘Spaceman’ Mitchell who  died over the weekend. 

The Division also extends condolences to the sporting fraternity of Grenada  as well as all those whose lives he touched. 

Mr. Mitchell served as Minister for Youth, Sports and Community  Development with distinction and gave approximately eleven (11) years of  service to the Grenadian people. 

Hon, Ron Redhead, on hearing of his passing said “We’ve lost a stalwart who  has been instrumental in paving the way in setting policies to improve youth  sports and its development in Grenada. Though I have not had an encounter  with the former Youth and Sports Minister, I’ve heard the numerous stories  of his genuine embodiment towards youth development particularly through  sports, and that he was a community man. May his soul Rest in Peace. My  condolences go out to his family, friends, ministry staff and all the lives  impacted by the former Youth and Sports Minister.” 

According to a biography created by the Grenada Athletics Association to  recognise Mr. Adrian “Spaceman” Mitchell’s contribution to Grenada sports,  as well as a development meet held in his honor in January of this year, Mr.  Mitchell made tremendous contributions to the development of Grenada  sports, particularly track and field. Many policies were established and  executed throughout his term. 

Some of his noted contributions include: 

  • Establishment of a scholarship programme which ensured that  qualified athletes were financed for the first two years of college in the  USA.
  • Ensured participation of all athletes achieving the standards for  CARIFTA Games. 
  • Special emphasis was placed on coaching of the various sporting  disciplines in primary schools. Through this programme, many talented  athletes were identified and went on to become CARIFTA, regional and  international champions. 
  • The placement of Physical Education Teachers in Primary and  Secondary schools 
  • The development and maintenance of our sporting facilities was also  one of his priorities. This enabled athletes to train in good conditions  which aided in enhancing their performances. 

For many years he was Manager, Coach, and sponsor at the community level  for Piton Strider Track Club and Hard Rock Football Club. 

Mr. Mitchell, a resident of River Sallee, St Patrick, passed away at the General  Hospital on Sunday 12th November 2023. He was 71 years old.