The ‘Last Black Unicorn’ Takes A Break In Barbados

(BARBADOS TODAY) – In an effort to escape the freezing temperatures of Narnia, a mystical unicorn has found solace on the warm shores of Barbados.

After pictures and videos of this unusual character went viral on social media on Saturday. A Barbados TODAY news team sat down with the ‘Dothrakicon’ at Hilton Barbados where he is a guest.

He said, “I was just trying to get a low profile … I was just visiting Barbados on holiday from Narnia, it’s pretty cold out there and I thought that I could do with a bit of sun and didn’t think it through too well because black unicorns and sun actually is pretty hard work.”

The mystical unicorn, who wants to remain anonymous, explained the peculiarity of his costume was inspired by Games of Thrones Dothrakicon.

“I’m just letting my inner child out, it’s good to let your barriers down and have some fun and not be so serious all the time, I like to make people happy and do something a little bit different to make people think and surprise them a little bit, have some fun,” he said.

He explained that he has been on this mystical voyage for the last five years, and has been loving every minute of it.

“I’ve been on a journey ever since to learn more about what that means and everywhere I go there are different experiences and how people react with the unicorn and it shapes who I am and how I evolve as this being.”

This unicorn has been all over the world capturing moments, but he explained the reception in Barbados has been mind-blowing and it was a welcome birthday gift.

“I’ve never had such a warm embrace from any country as I did here in Barbados, it’s been truly humbling, and it really made yesterday for me a special day. It’s not often you see a unicorn walking down the road and on the underground or in the forest and so it breaks the monotony of people’s lives so that they see something completely unexpected and, at the moment, they just think about other things. It’s really a lot of fun.”

When asked about the outfit he sports, Dothrakicon laughed saying, “It’s a lot of hard work but you have to suffer for art, being the unicorn allows me to lower my barriers and just to be how I am without judgement without worries or conforming, so it’s good for my soul.”

The magical creature still has a few days left on his holiday and he is intent on bringing joy to as many as he can.