The Grenada Movement (TGM) Stands In Solidarity With The People And Government Of Cuba 

PR – The peoples of Cuba and Grenada have had and continue to have an impressive and  unbreakable  relationship  of  fraternal  love,  appreciation  and  sharing.  It  is  in  this  tradition  that  The  Grenada  Movement  (TGM)  wholeheartedly  stands  with  the  People and Government of Cuba in this challenging moment of the historical asault  on their right to self-determination.  

We are  particularly  sensitive  to  the  health environment in which  those  challenges  are  unfolding. We  are  also  conscious  of  the  metereorological  events  to  which  the  People of Cuba are susceptible at this time of the year. All these health and natural  challenges  only  conspire  with  political  forces  to  make  life  overly  onerous  for  our  Caribbean neighbours and colleagues. 

It is our desire that the current embargo on the Cuban People be removed and more  humane options be pursued to reach a rapproachement from which all our Western  Hemispheric peoples and nations can benefit.  

By virtue of our common history with the People of Cuba and our grounding in the  belief of the universality of humanity, TGM stands in solidarity with the People and  Government  of Cuba  as  they  endeavour  to  return  their  country  and  society  to  normality. 

We,  therefore,  call  on  all  our Western  peoples  and  governments  to  render  all  the  necessary assistance to the People of Cuba as they endeavour to seek and find social  and economic stability. Cuba has always stood with us, and more than ever, the rest  of the Caribbean must stand with her now.