The 8th Chinese Bridge Competition, Grenada 

PR – The 8th Chinese Bridge Competition, sponsored by the Chinese Embassy in Grenada and  organized by the Confucius Classroom at T.A. Marryshow Community College, was held on  June 9th, 2022. The competition was held online and a total of 9 contestants, all of whom were  students of T.A. Marryshow Community College, participated. 

During the competition, the contestants introduced themselves, delivered a keynote speech  in mandarin Chinese, and displayed a talent show related to Chinese culture in various forms.  The Competition witnessed the Grenadian students’ passion for Chinese language and culture, as  well as their great enthusiasm and unremitting efforts to further study Chinese language and  learn about Chinese culture.  

At the end of the competition, Tiandra McKenzie won First Prize, Vivica Alexis the second  prize, and Rebecca Bennett the third prize. All the others — Mariah Samuel, Saylyn Lewis,  Jasmine Stanislaus, Jaimee St Louis, Carlyn Harford and Coreen Charles won the Awards of  Excellence. The winner of the First Prize will be recommended by the Chinese Embassy in  Grenada to represent Grenada at the 2022 Chinese Bridge Global Finals.