The 10th Grenada “Chinese Bridge” Chinese Proficiency Competition Was Held Successfully 

PR – On May 23, 2024, the 10th Grenada “Chinese Bridge” Chinese Proficiency  Competition was grandly held in the Science Building of T.A. Marryshow Community  College (TAMCC). The event was organized by the Embassy of the People’s Republic  of China in Grenada and hosted by the Confucius Institute at TAMCC. A total of 14  contestants participated in the primary school, secondary school, and College groups.  Mr. Peng Wenlin, Chargé d’affaires ad interim and Yin Yixiang, Attaché from the  Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Grenada, faculty and staff from TAMCC  and secondary schools, and students and parents attended to watch the competition. 

The competition was hosted by Confucius Institute volunteer teacher Yuan Bo and  Confucius Institute co-director Mrs. Norella Philip. The panel of judges included Jiang  Yan, Director of the Bilateral Affairs Office of the People’s Republic of China in  Grenada, Zhao Yazhuo, Second Secretary of the People’s Republic of China in Grenada,  

Dr. Jiang Fan, resident Director of the Confucius Institute, Mr. Aaron Gay, co-director  of the Confucius Institute, and Mr. Chris Mignon, TAMCC lecturer. 

After the opening ceremony, the national anthems of China and Grenada were  played. David Ambrose, the Grenadian director of the Confucius Institute, delivered an  enthusiastic speech expressing his expectations for the contestants and his positive  outlook on cultural exchanges between China and Grenada. During the competition,  contestants delivered thematic speeches, and performed talent shows, showcasing their  solid Chinese language skills and diverse talents. The atmosphere was lively, with each  contestant displaying their unique abilities. Additionally, Edison Worme from the  Grenada Tai Chi Connection gave a spectacular martial arts performance, and  Confucius Institute students performed songs and dances, earning rounds of applause  from the audience.

In the end, Saraiah Abraham, Selena Williams, and Reeyana Douglas-Ottley won  the championships in the primary school group, secondary school group, and college  group respectively. Dr. Jiang Fan, Mr. Ambrose, Director Jiang Yan, and Chargé  d’affaires ad interim Peng Wenlin awarded prizes to the winners of the excellence, third  place, second place, and first place awards. 

After the competition, Mr. Peng Wenlin and Dr. Jiang Fan delivered closing  speeches, congratulating the contestants on the successful event and encouraging them  to continue studying Chinese and promoting cultural exchanges between China and  Grenada. This competition not only showcased the Chinese proficiency of Grenadian  students but also served as an important platform for cultural exchange, contributing  positively to the friendship between the two countries. 

The “Chinese Bridge” is not only a bridge of language but also a bridge of hearts.  It is hoped that through the Chinese Bridge competition, more international friends will  gain a better understanding of China. The Confucius Institute at TAMCC will continue  to uphold the concept of “Connecting Islands with Language, Benefiting Friends with  Culture,” making further contributions to cultural exchange and mutual understanding  between China and Grenada.