TGM Statement On The Tri-Union March Of Wednesday July 14th, 2021 

PR – We,  the  members  of  The  Grenada  Movement  (TGM),  hold  firmly  to  the  view  that  public  workers are entitled to their pension and gratuity as prescribed in the Grenada Constitution  of  1974.  As  a  responsible  political  organisation,  we  fully  support  and  embrace  the  public  workers and  teachers’  call  for  the exercise  of justice and equality in  the  treatment  of  this  matter. 

We recognise the sterling contributions that are made to our nation’s development by our  dedicated  teachers,  our  conscientious  police  and  security  services,  our  patriotic  and  devoted public workers in the ministries, our exploited IMANI workers and all those others  who find themselves enslaved by the shackles of a government short-term contract. 

We  recognise,  further,  the  right  of  all  of  you  to  a  decent  and  deserved  standard  of  living  after retirement.  

We  pledge  solemnly,  when  given  the  opportunity  to  provide  leadership  to  our  country,  every action of ours will be grounded in constitutionality and a deep sense of the humanity  inherent in all of us.